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Hussy Life


My prize is YOU!

Tema: Be temos — toodrunktofuck @ 12:33

I’m trying to be a best person you have ever met. Thinking about you is the best thing I can do. Knowing that you are mine, and knowing that you love me is my engine to live better, to think better, to do everything better or best I can. Now I should try to get used to the fact, that I have my man, who is the best in the world and that he will always be near by my side. My heart and soul is all for him. Everything what are related with me are for him. No matter is good or bad. Everything.
When I am upset he hugs me and tell that everythings will be allright. And it’s will always be true, because I believe in him, I trust him. Always and forever.
This time I know that I can be calm. Yes, this is first time when I am totally in love. Totally!

Love. Lovely. Lovable!

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